Manager window is blank

When I started ZW3D this morning, it appears that I have no Manager window operating. See photo
It was working fine last night. No power outages or glitches that I noticed. All other program working fine.
Any ideas. I have restarted, closed and opened the manager numerous times and tried multiple folders and drawings. All the same, No Manager.

Clicking on individual components allows me to go to the development environment on the part as per normal, but there is nothing in the manager during this time either.
Is there a program repair, or update or similar for the program.

hi Russty,
go to root object level and run the file repair tools. Look up these in Help. There are two, run each 3 times. Then save the file. Try to open the assy again.
If fixed all good. If not, open a different file. If that is fine the problem is within the file.
One option is to open the most recent backup.
Z3 back up files need to be renamed to Z3 extension to open directly in ZW. Unique file names in same directory still required.
If this fixes the problem, you are good to go
Let us know how it rolls?
If the problem exists in all files, then User Folder needs replacement. Again look at help to see how to do that. There are tools in ZW to do that.

Hi Paul

Thanks for your info.
I finally had to clear the user folder using the Folder manager and all is good now.
I just have to reset some of my program settings and all will be good again… I hope.


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