Maintenance/upgrade subscription for ZW3D?

Hi All,
just tossing around the idea of a an annual subscription model for upgrades for your software versus the current regime where you pay for each upgrade but can skip a year etc.
The idea is that you pay a smaller amount annually - same time every year and are entitled to all upgrades available in the next 12month period.
So if there are two major upgrades in the period you get both. Or you might only get one.
There would be a guarantee that there would be at least one.
You still own a perpetual license and can opt out of course. A catch up upgrade, would cost more than if you had kept up annually.
The reason for thinking about this is that ZW are pushing development so hard that annual in recent years has been less than 12 month cycles.

I am interested in feed back and comments of the idea???

Cheers - Paul

Hi Paul,

ZW3d having so few Service Pack on the current yearly upgrade is a major problem.

We as the user normally come across fundamental problems and then have to work around it for 6 months or more.

If so much work is going in to development why do we not get more Service pack upgrades (support)?

The solution to you problem is 2022 should have been 2021 SP1.

Releasing it as 2022 so early is extremely unfair on existing customers that have been paying for yearly upgrades.

I would expect that if 2023 is released in 2022, we can move from 2021 to 2023 for our current upgrade price.