Lock rotation in concentric constraint in assembly zw3d 2024

Just upgraded to 2024
no lock rotation option is available in concentric constraint in assembly
please check image
Lock rotaion2
If I open old file all concentric constraint is in red color with x marks
Lock rotaion3
Any solution for This?

HI,I don’t know when your installation package is. My 2024 official installation package is normal!

From the picture provided, your package should not be the latest version, the latest date is 4/21

版本 : 中望3D 2024 x64(28.00)


Using same version
Try concentric constraint with point and circular face
with both circular face it works ok

@ PDPatel
I haven’t played this kind of operation, usually it’s axis to axis.

Hi PDPatel:
I just tested the old version, as you said, point + axis mode can lock the angle!
I used to use this mode to select only axes and axes! :grinning: