Legacy Cam Templates with tools and pre defined operations in V2021

Dear Forum members and ZWsoft support team,

After implementing ZW3D 2021 at a number of customers, we get quite a bit of feedback about poorly functioning templates in CAM
Majority of complaints is the bad transfer of Speed And feed tables from the pre loaded tools in the existing operations.
Also some calculations, like under cut in Z-Level fail in existing operations
Creating the tools again and adding fresh operations seems to solve it for the most.

However, it looks like we need to rebuild the templates and reload the tools for them to get rid of all issues.
Are there people out there with similar experience?

Best regards,

Hi Luurt,

Yes I had a problem with Profile last week, I copied completed tool strategies from a Right hand part to a Left hand part. I didn’t notice during the programming but got undercuts on a Z Level profile. So one job in the bin!

Also I noticed that it is not possible to use tools that do not ramp, horizontal lead in’s has been removed on all the 2d roughing strategies?

Hi Matt,
yes and it is now right in the middle of a Chinese Holiday period :grinning:
So no response from that end for now.
Cheers - Paul

Hi Matt,

Thank you for sharing this experience about the templates.
I think it is a safe move to rebuild the templates, since both tools and existing cam operations misbehave.

And could you clarify a bit on the roughing issue?
I did a quick test on offset2D roughing and from the outside, the lead moves are still horizontal.
However, in pockets, it is a different story
Also the 2X roughing, Spiral cut, still allows both ramp and plunge
So, I may be on the wrong track with this.


Hi Luurt,

The first Profile cut Left hand part machined with no undercuts.
Second Copied profile cut to right hand part created undercuts.
Had to adjust the side finishing radius to (0) to remove undercuts on right hand part.
So same cam template with 2 different results.

Left Handed

Right Handed

Hi Luurt was looking at the 2 x milling, I only got the 2 x Zigzagcut to do what was looking for. I have had another look through the other 2 x milling operations and have managed to get horizontal leads buy adjusting the boundary option. I seam to remember there being a straight selection and then a horizontal or vertical option after but may be confusing it with another operation.

Another thing have noticed that on 2x Zigzagcut the corner control set at round no longer shows curved corners

ZigZag Corn

Thanks for clarifying.
I’ll check my own templates to.

Best regards,