Importing Problem STP, SW and more

Hi all,

Does anybody have problems with importing models in step, sw , obj and more.
Al those files I import in ZW3D are not correct, but those models open right in other CAD programs.

Version : ZW3D 2024 x64(28.00)

Regards, Roland

Hi Roland,

I don’t know if it helps a lot, but there is a newer version available.
You can use the same link for download:

Also, for mesh data the old render engine works better, I found out.
Hopefully one of the options above helps.
The Sp version can be expected around Sept 22.
Best regards,

Hi Luurt,

Thanks for the info. I will download this version.
It’s a pitty that I do not got an update notification and when you went to the download section you got always the same filename todownload. You can’t see which version you’re downloading.

Kind regards


I already have asked for reseller notification, when a revision is put online, so, the can send out a mail to customers.
Also advised to add a revision date on the ZW3D download page, for those who want to check for themselves.
Unfortunately, neither of both have been implemented yet.


Hi Luurt,
resellers do not always get informed when a silent release has been made!
Cheers - Paul

I have downloaded and installed the latest version. The problem still exist. step and parasolid files doesn’t open correctly :frowning:

Tested the models in 2023SP and the models opens well. So its in the 2024 version what goes wrong

Problem is solved thank to Luurt.

I have renamed user folder ZW3D2024 to .ZW3D2024 (C:\Users\info\AppData\Roaming\ZWSOFT\ZW3D\ZW3D\ZW3D2024) and restarted the application.
A new folder is created automaticly and the import problem is solved.

Thanks Luurt.

Regards Roland