Import of .obj-file with point cloud

I have a file which contains a large number of scanned points.
I can import file and then ZW3D is working for good while with it until its ready (maybe 30 sek).
There are no error messages.
But then there is nothing visible on the screen.
I couldn’t find any way to visualise the point cloud or do anything else with it.
Except project some part of it on a 2d plane (?)
How is it done?






Thanks a lot Liangfen, I will try that once Im able (have license problem currently)!

Works now, thanks!
However, the file is a bit large, 18 billion point, so it is impossible to save it in ZW3D format, how can one solve that? I reduced tolerance to 1 mm (model is over 30 m large) but its still too large it seems.

Sorry, no problem to save as .stl!

18 Billion points!!! I think 30sec to load is probably fair enough.
But if it displays the screen will be solid points. Point clouds that are too dense dont work well of screens with limited pixels.
Cheers - Paul