How to make TRAILING zeros in all documents?

I would like to set my settings in ZW3D to be always on trailing zeros but when i change it under atributes and dimensions it works only for current part/drawing. When i open the new one the setting changed.
Does anyone know how to permanantly change that?


You have to run ZW3D as administrator and do it from the template or templates you use.

So that it remains in all the sessions and not only in that
If the template does not have it saved in the root, it is not necessary to run as administrator


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Cale99 is correct, but you can also have the Read/write security setting(Win Default) changed for the ZWProgram folder to allow modification of Templates etc.
Style Management is a bit of a process. Pays to watch some ZW videos on it. Do a bit of a search on the ZW Youtube channel.
Cheers- Paul