Ho get a user parameter from part to a drawing

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I have created a template file in Version 2022 for a customer which contains a part object and a few drawing templates.
The case is quite simpel, I have filled in some attribute fields like designer and part name.
But I wanted to add a userparameter for a revision number to be printed on the drawing title block.
The default parameters are both selectable from the variable browsers of sheet and part.
The user parameters only from the part.
My problem is now, If I move up one level in the browser to part and pick my user parameter, it inherits the name of my template part object.
So, when using the template for a new part and a drawing, the default variables from the part show up correctly on the drawing.
But the user parameter still starts with the name of the template part object and is not recognized when changed in the new part.


In Version 2023 the part user parameters are visible in the browser when creating the drawing template, so, in this version it is solved, but it used to work in old versions to in times that the user parameter table was still there, if I recall well.

Any suggestions how to do it in Version 2021 or 2022?


IF you have edited the Drawing Template then it does not know the model details at all until a model s placed in the drawing.
Seems you have edited the drawing after is is associated with the model - which is strictly speaking not a drawing template but part of a seed model.
Is this correct?
Edit the Drawing Template (note your template can have multiple pages - with different title block for 1st sheet).
Under will have to insert the part object into the drawing each time. e.g. User needs some skill.
Cheer - Paul

HI Cowboy99:
There are many bugs in this new variable browser, which have not been repaired yet. At least I haven’t seen the repair on 2023x…

Hi Laingfen, I was referring to 22 and earlier versions for Lurrt.
Cheers - Paul

hi Luurt
have you tried [$part_revisie]?
I hope I have understood well

Hi Carlos,

Yes, you understood this well.
But the issue with user parameters is that they are “labeled” with the name of the part object, which is in this case a part template called 3D_model.
So, as soon as the user starts a new part, using the template, the name of the new part changes obviously but the variable in the drawing template that is used for the new drawings is still looking for the initial name of the part template.
The default variables in the system are common variables that are visible in both part and drawing environment.
For the user variables I have to go one level up, arriving at the template name where this “part_revisie” is visible.
In the picture of the title block the variable does highlight with the name of the template in front, while the default parameters have neutral names.
But I have some info from ZW support that it may not be possible to use user variables from part templates for drawings, until V 2023.

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Hi Paul,
In fact, you are right.
I created a file with a part template and some drawing templates
Then I filled up the part template with some info for the title block in the drawings
All the options in tab 1 can be picked up in the drawing template without the name of the part template
It just starts witht [$part_…]
The user parameters, however are flagged with the name of the part template and start with [$3D_Model:]
The prefix 3D_model is obviously not recognized in a project that uses the part and drawing templates, since the new parts will have their own unique name, which does not bother the regular parameters, who have not that flag of the template.



Sorry for the late response, I tried this, I don’t know if it works for you?

Hi Carlos,
Bulls eye!
Woks perfect!
I tried to manipulate the name myself in a similar way, but obviously did not hit the correct syntax.

Thanks for sharing,

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