Hiding lines in 2d documentation

Hello everyone. Would someone remind me please how to hide specific line in 2d sketch? I’m pretty sure there was option for that (Picture 1). I tried option “hide elements” but it doesn’t work (Picture 2).

ZW3d 2025 Standard

Try this. Make a new layer and move the line to the new layer and hide the new layer.

I can blank the lines in ZW3D 2025

Hi Piotr,
Lines are controlled by View Attributes.
That should be enough to remind you.

Cheers Paul

Thank you all for help. I tried option that you suggest and it is working. But i found something new. I tried do the same that you suggest before asking you and now I see why it doesn’t worked for me.
As i see, If I try to hide line in standard projection on 2d documentation it is working but view atributes doesn’t work on the unfold sheet of metal. This is the situation what I had.
Any ideas or it is program issue?

Hi Piortrm which lines are you trying to hide in Unfold?

Cheers - Paul

Hi. The main line of the unfold sheet metal element. It was specific situation. I made wrong normal cut but I could repair unfold element by hiding unnecessary line. Then I found out that it doesn’t work in unfold sheet metal in 2d documentation.