Help with Real life Wireframe lines

Hello zw3dforum,
I’m doing solids in 3d for various applications in the industrial field, a thing that always is hard to make is doing the 3d in real life, so we make it from metal sheets. i draw the 3d metal sheet then we cut the metal in real life and try and see if the designed part fits the machinery (we are talking about industrial plants, things that measure 500-3500mm, pipes, metal hoppers and how to joint them). So this king of workflow is very un efficient and heavy and incredibly time consuming, since a 10 or 20 mm makes us remake meters long of sheet.
So my question is this: is there a way to make real life wireframes? like assembly kits with sticks and glue, of different measures, something that resembles kids’ toys (eg. geomag) or i’m brainstorming about this. or another way to bring to real life and check if the part fits without actually trying to make it from metal sheet?
kind regards

Hi Maestro,
We use Faro 3D scanners like the Focus to gather large 3D data scans and then export the point cloud to create cross section 3D polylines to draw from. Scanner accuracy/repeatability is around .5MM out to 15 meters in my experience. This way you are building 3D data for you new part right on the real thing.

Hi Maestro,
Total stations and photogrammetry are two other methods of collection large scale point data.
Point clouds then imported in ZW3D.
Cheers - Paul


The text looks a bit dry, if you can, you can provide your actual drawings or physical photos, so we may be easier to help.