Front Image not displayed in 3d sketch


Hello,I hope the attached gif image can elaborate on the issue!

when I try to press on the front plane in the 3d sketch i only see the rear image not the front image as it should be

Hello, the solution is uncheck item in below image:



Just a week ago I also found a bug in the new render engine.
May be related to this one.
The new render engine has limitations with respect to object sizes.
I imported an stl file of a large tube with 8,000 mm diameter and 10,000 mm length and it did not show up on screen.
It was imported well and i was able to pick vericle pints on the mesh, without seeing the actual mesh itself.
The old engine worked fine on the object.

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Below the comments of ZW support:

"Hi Luurt,
Update about the new render engine.

The reason for this problem is that the parsed envelope frame exceeds the valid range, reaching 10e30, and the display engine thinks it is wrong and does not display it.
In other words,some large STL files,especially for the large area model,ZW3D unable to deal with it. We are improving our software capabilities in this area."

you can change the transparency of the image in a sketch.
Double click on the existing image and adjust.
Cheers - Paul

Hi Paul

Thanks for your reply, i have investigated more on the issue. check with the check box ticked!

check box un ticked:

clearly shows that the mouse manipulation does not work as it should be(as like when the check box un ticked which i believe it is the correct behavior)

Ah, I see it all.
Cheers - Paul