Find where are variables for 2 D drawings

To customize the 2d drawings in the right botton corner, Id like to get the part number, the raw material, the weight… within ZW3D 2023…
I’ve found instructions on the web, showing the use of the “Pi” greek letter… but impossible to find this letter when editing text in the “cartouche” ( name in french of the part in the rigt bottom part of a 2D drawing) and impossible to find the reference of the involved information to place after the $ sign!
I need your help, even if I think it should be easy
Spent a couple of hours unsuccesfuly!

You need to edit your title block.
Adding variables is done via the text editor.
Open the Editor Options and select the Variable icon, then scroll down to your variable and click on it.
ALL variables are available including User variables.
I suggest you add any User variables to your default Part and Assembly Template first.
Also look at export and Import options on your Your Variable set up in Attributes has these on the bottom RH Corner.

Cheers - Paul