File Location (Update)

Hi All

Not really a new one, but a sort of followup.

Has ZW3D fixed, or plan to fix the poor file location issues.
I find it rather lacking in respect to current technology that ZW3D has, or can have, an issue when files are not named simply, and in the same repository, preferably on the local machine.

It is frustrating to find I have travelled somewhere, only to find I forgot to put the files up on Dropbox or similar so I can work on, demonstrate the work to the client.

I know this is not Inventor, but they had that fixed back when Noah ran aground… almost.

Surely in this day and age of 64 bit computing, as apparently ZW3D are no longer doing the 32 bit version, this simply pathing issues should have been addressed!


HI Russty:
I suggest you use this function to avoid embarrassment when going to customers!