Extrude individually

Is there any way to extrude closed boundaries or curves individually ?

Hi Hamed,
yes, several ways.
Use pick filter set to curve,edge or what ever you want to extrude.
Use Curve List.
Use sketches that reference a base sketch and add additional curves.

Not sure I understand how the model relates to this question?

Looking at you model it seems like a lot of hand work. Is the parametrics scuplture?. If some there maybe an easier way to generate the gaps… but had to tell without seeing the actual model. Or I may be wrong in this case.

Cheers Paul

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Hi Hamed,
another thought.

When you create your base shape curves you could concatenate them to single splines.
This would mean no more joint lines in the final shape and easier control of the shape.

Cheers, Paul

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Multiple closed boundaries that are in different datum planes , need their individual directions to extrude which is not possible with zw3d , this thing is modeled with zw3d but those extrusions done with rhino grasshoper


rhino grasshoper

He is an excellent plugin!