Extrude add shape

Started using 2024 recently
extrude add not support multiple shape
I try to create head for pin but only single object selection is possible
please check image


any solutions?

ZW could fix it.
Its broken.
Not helpful eh.
In your simple case… Extrude Face/Thicken or Shrik/Expand.
Cheers - Paul

Thanks for reply, but not working
It add only one shape instead of three in Boolean

The best workaround I can find is to just extrude all faces as “Base”
Then add all extrusions by using the well hiddden Legacy booleans option.

legacy boolean

Additional comment, the other two options in extrude do accept more shapes in the input field.
Surely a bug!

Thanks for reply, I know that
Same thing happen in revolve, block, cylinder