Exploded View on 2D Sheet

Just wanted to ask what is the best way of making an exploded view of an assembly on a 2D sheet, without moving the components in the 3D space? Is there a way of turning an exploded view (using the Exploded View Command) into a 2D Sheet Drawing? Thank you.

Welcome JLB.
Exploded views are a special case configuration from the assemble model.
Best approach is to enter Exploded View, set the orientation you want and save this as a named view.
Then use the along direction option to position components by axis and distance.
Key advantage of this is the ease(relative) with which editing the explode can be done.
The interface is a little fussy but once you have it figured out you can make exploded vies quite quickly.
You can move multiple objects at a time.
You can only move top level objects. eg a sub assembly moves as a sub assembly which is correct practice.
Each sub assembly should have its own exploded view.
My rule is to explode in the reverse order to actual assembly.

Then in 2D sheet, you can have the assembled and explode views alongside each other.
Inserting an exploded view:
Select the assembly, choose the named view you set, then in advanced tab, select the configuration - Exploded View.
Cheers - Paul

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Awesome! Thanks for your help Paul. :grinning: That was the only step I was missing was on how to activate the exploded view when inserting the viewport on the 2D sheet. Haven’t really played around with the Advanced Tab.