Equations colection transfer from 1 file to another

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if there was a quick way to call a collection or variable from a “parent” object, to another “child” file.
There is the EXPORT / IMPORT from equation manager, but it only transfer the raw values, while I wish than my “child” file still check the “parent” file for the updated values.
I wish to avoid recreating each variable individually, editing the formulae for each one, browsing for the parent file variables.


HI Nicolas_TR:

2023 you can directly copy the modeling tree to include variable driven features, paste it into a new file, and the referenced variables will also be transferred into the new file!

Hi liangfen,

Yes, thats exactly what I did to create my new part (as of v2022sp), then renamed the object.
But that’s not the issue. This way, the variable values are still raw numbers.

I still wish the new file to check the original variable values from the first one, without editing each one’s formula to browse for the first file.
I was thinking, by example, of a SPECIAL IMPORT button in the second file’s EQUATION MANAGER, that let you browse for the first file variable, with let’s say a tick box that let you decide if you want the imported variable to retain the link with the original file or not.


HI Nicolas_TR:
What you need is that in 2023, it can control whether the external variables are valid. If they are not published, they cannot be referenced by others!

Well thanks,
It will have to wait before I can try this out.


Hi Nicolas,
if you want one source of truth, just use the variable browser to point tto the variables in the original file.
Or create a file with just the variables and both files point to it.
The challenge is ensuring the you are sourcing from the correct variables so easy of the copy and paste of anything!
Cheers - Paul

Thanks Paul,

Thats what I did. I was just hoping for a way/option that made all imported variables values automatically point to the file they are imported from, rather than doing it individually for each of them, when you have tens of variables.
Copying the file just saved me the time to recreate manually the variables, in the second file (with names I already know how to use/remember in modelling, so I can type directly and skip the browser).

But yes, I can imagine the chore of editing the master file values and having to remember all the places you called them to update everything and not forget anything.
I guess the “Link Manager” can help with that, I am just not used to use it.