Equation in zw3d 2024

I have problem when I edit variable name in first part, second part which has imported external variable name in not changed in bracket, it has old name and lost connection with original variable
create part001 in multi object file and create variable name A
create part002, open variable browser, reference external variable, and import variable A from part001
working ok, any change in variable A in part001 also update in part002

Now the problem is if I modify/rename variable name A to xyz in part001, part002 external variable not changed and and link broken with old variable
This happens in 2024, in older version it works perfect

HI PD, make sure you report this to your reseller.
It is his job to report to bugs to ZW.
I do not know if ZW engineers monitor this forum.
Cheers - Paul

Thanks for replay
I already reported to reseller
I posted here to find any other solution if possible.

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