Engine shaft rotation constraint and animation

how to make 360 or more rotation engine shaft animation in zw3d ?

Hi Hahmed,
good question.
Getting your head around animation can be a challenge.
In Help/Tutorials/Moreā€¦ there is a how to animate training.

A Key frame is a time and state.marker.

To rotate a shaft, you need a keyframe or the start position and time and second keyframe for the finish position and time. When you play the animation the software will move the part between the two position in the time interval defined.

So rotation can be in degrees +/- or radians - cant remember which.

If the part is fully constrained (my preferred way of doing things), it must allow the movement or you have a constraint that controls the move.
Keyframes can change use the angle constraint for instance to rotate about a concentric constraint. If your rotation drives other motion via constraints these will all move too.

Start simple and experiment.

You also get to set camera positon and relative position via keyframes - all very tricky.