Drawing export/print to pdf >> text font thickness

Hi everybody,

I was just wondering if there was a way to increase text lines thickness when exporting to PDF, like there is for line thickness.

There is an option for text output (“Sortie de texte”), where you can either choose “text” or “polygon lines”. The later provide thicker text lines, but also multiply the file size by like 7.


Hi Nicolas,
change the font to something that is exactly what you want.
I prefer to use Arial Narrow or ISOCPEUR.
Actually I did some testing to see which fonts best matched for WYSIWYG.
e.g. What you see on screen is what you get on the export and print.
the ISOCPEUR was the best. Some are very different which can be annoying.
You can also set the font attribute in ZW to be Regular, Bold etc.
Remember to do the attribute changes in your Drawing Template once you have settled on a font.
Cheers - Paul

Thx, I will explore those options. I might have to edit my styles. I am actually looking for a font with uppercase “i” that doesn’t look like a l (I know I am the nitpicking kind of guy :P). I will do my testing too.


uuurrkkk - serifs! :laughing:

I haven’t seen that font anywhere else.

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