Did you know about Command Search?

Hi All,
I’ve just made a discovery! Well NEW to me at least. I guess if youve been using software for a long time and something new gets added that you have survived without, then maybe you dont even look for it.
In the right top corner of ZW is a little search window.
This is called Command Search.
Type in the start of a command you might use. Then press the Search Icon.
Here is an example of what came up when the ‘chec’ was entered.


Now its entirely possible that I am the last to learn this… but is is a very useful way of finding a command that you know is hidden in a menu somewhere or you are just having brain fade. I like it and will use it now I know it is there.

Cheers - Paul

Thanks Paul. Very good finding! You’re definitely not the last to learn this! :rofl:


Its a thing they added in 2021.

at 1.1.1

What I am wondering about is if the command prompt will be translated or not (not that using an english version of ZW3D if needed worry me). But I can see this practical when I read an english tutorial calling a command, and me searching for it then.


FURTHER to the Search Command is an enhancement I have only noticed in 2022.