Cut a component

i must model a component by cut a draft solid with the other components of the assembly. Can do it in the assembly with function “CUT” but then the components itself is not cut, i see it only in the assembly…
How can i cut the component ?


Hi Claudiofax:

You can try this!
BaiduShurufa_2021-8-6_9-40-42 BaiduShurufa_2021-8-6_9-48-33

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The GIF operation animation I recorded can’t be uploaded. I’m helpless…

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Several issues arise with this scenario.
Liangfens solution is good for somethings, but not all.
How do you want it to show in drawings, assembly drawings etc.
An alternative if the use Assembly Shape Reference for the cut shape, then configure the cut feature in the part.
Then you can have the whole part and the cut part either in a part drawing or in assembly drawing.
Cheers - Paul