Curved slots better way?

Is there a better way to produce a curved slot in a cylinder that remains true to the centre of the cylinder at all times for 4th axis milling?Jslot.Z3 (142.8 KB)

Hi scowley,


See file Jslot1.

Jslot1.Z3 (219.4 KB)

Hi Iain,
So it seems the best way to do this is with the wrap the command.
This produces a faithful cylindrical transformation of the shape to be cut about an axis.
The datum choice will lie on the cylinder surface.
Note the rotation is 180.
Note - wrapping rods to a cylinder may be buggy and take a long time to execute. Extrudes are preferred.WrapTest_V2020_Apr2020.Z3 (616.1 KB)

Thanks guys.
Appreciated, next puzzling installment coming soon.