Create file family

Hi everyone ,
is it possible with ZW3d to create a family with already existing files?
I wish one was the parent and linked to this other files that
will be the children …
Thank you

If it is not possible to create a real hierarchical family, at least will it be possible to create a kind of link between one file and another?

Hi Rotolo,
not sure what you mean by family…
In my country it is very difficult to say exactly what a family is anymore!
What exactly do you anto happen?
Cheers - Paul

Thanks Paolo first of all for your interest … maybe family is not exactly the most suitable term, I would like any file to have a relationship with another file in some way.
I’ll give you an example … in the main file I will have the finished piece and in what I want a relationship with, let’s call it a report, there is the drawing of the blank or one of its accessories even if I didn’t create the piece … .I hope I was clear.
Thank you.
Let’s say like when working in “.Z3” mode without the flag on “single object per file” and I can somehow in a single file I can bind multiple .

Hi Rotolo,
not sure how you mean even now.
An attribute of any part is its associated drawing. You can edit this from Part Attributes. You can make any drawing the associated one for that part. You may even be able to have several associated - not exactly sure about that.
The other way parts ‘family’ is to be associated via an assembly. BOM etc.
If you mean driven or variant then Configuration? That can be problematic logically but is a fast way of creating part variant parts.
You can also have a derived from Relationship.
Cheers - Paul

Maybe I find it difficult to explain … let’s take for example a file “A” and a file “B”, I would like that by opening the file “A” I could somehow go back to the file “B” so I should establish a link/relationship .

Faccio un esempio più pratico … ho un file di un pignone , ho un altro file con una catena ,
ed un altro file con un albero … Posso in qualche modo mettere in relazione tutti e tre i file
senza creare un assieme ? O almeno che quando apro il file del pignone si venga a conoscenza che dovrò mettere quella determinata catena e quel determinato albero ??

Let me give you a more practical example… I have a file with a sprocket, I have another file with a chain,
and another file with a tree… I can somehow relate all three files
without creating an assembly ? Or at least that when I open the sprocket file I become aware that I will have to put that particular chain and that particular shaft??
Just put then in an assembly. They do not have to be aligned, just dumped. What you are describing is an assembly family.
What you are asking is to be able to look for the assembly from the part.
I think this should be part of the Link Manager search result/filter. Clearly the part file contains a reference to the al the assemblies it resides in so why can we not se it from there?
This would still require an assembly to exist.
But is that a problem?
Cheers - Paul

Yes it is also possible to create an assembly but I didn’t want to create another file with another name .Z3ASM
Thank you


Maybe you should go with the picture. It’s not that hard.