Corrupted parts after executing an exploded view in assembly

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Has one of you experienced the following?
A customer created a fairly simple assembly of a chair, which mostly contains sheet metal components.
The assembly was built from approx. 20 components and after creating an exploded view, 4 of them got corrupted by the command.
When opened from the assembly or directly in the file of the component the system jumps in exploded view mode and can’t quit from it to get to the history and regular ribbons layout
It starts with the message that it can’t create an exploded view, which is logical, since it is a part.
After exiting the error the part shows up in the exploded view mode without any option to get out of it.
So the part can be considered as lost if you don’t have revision backups from before the exploded view action.

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exploded frozen

See attached pictures

What version Luurt?
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HI luurt4c:

My suggestion is to create a new component, copy the modeling tree features of the problem parts and paste them into a new file!

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Hi Paul,

I think the latest one:


Hi Liangfen,
Indeed, that works fine.
In single mode with a new file, in multi object mode which is used by this customer, you can create a new part object and with insert external part with history, the issue is solved to.
Then deleting the corrupt one and rename the new one,
However, it is some work to fill in all the attributes from the original part to the new one for the pdm application.

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