Corner Radii Detail

Hi All,

Working on a new project and have imported .xt product files. Ex Solid Works.
I am getting lots of bulging in corner radii detail.
The heal / analyze is not helping.

Is this a settings problem on my end or just a graphical issue as the radii surface measures as a radii over the bulge parts?


Hi PayneTandD,
There is nothing wrong with your model. ZW3D lowers the resolution of the model for performance.
If you go to the top file menu and select VIEW->REFINE FACETS and in the options dialog box select the faces that look messed up set the custom display tolerance to something small and then click the green check mark it will fix the face in the display.

Hope this helps.

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Hi Phil,

Yes it did, thought it may be something like that. Have only been using ZW3D for a year now so still lots to learn!