Convert STL to Solid

I have an STL imported from GrabCad. Heal finds 1 open edge but the model is Block.
Anyone have a procedure?

Hi Wayne,
and STL is always a block (of points).
If it is simple shape you can use the reference tools to convert to sketch outlines and model shape form there.
You can fit Planes to surfaces and use Point Cloud tools to capture plane to STL intersections which can then be unlinked and toggled to be functional geometry. (RMB functions in sketch.)
Then when the model is complete the block can be removed.

There are not automated STL to Nurbs conversion tools in ZW3D.

A ZW3D user here. For that specific purpose (converting polygonal format to the B-rep CAD format), you need a reverse engineering feature to do this. ZW3D is not good at this. We use our QUICKSURFACE and Mesh2Surface to do this. If you’re interested in these reverse engineering programs, let me know (we’re the Australian reseller of them).

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HI AconCheng:
I don’t agree with what you said. His point cloud module is still very strong.

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