Constraints and Parts in Assembly Manager

Hi All

I seem to recall in the Assembly manager there is or was a switch to show the constraints attached to the components/parts in the tree.
At present I have a list of parts at the top and then a list of all the constraints under the Constraints Folder, as shown in image.

I am sure there is a way to make the constraints appear under the part they belong to.
If this is not possible anymore, how do I easily find the constraints attached to a single part so I can easily make updates or modifications.
For example, I want change the attachment face constraint on one of the many BottomRailShort Members. What is the best way to find that constraint in the long list of constraints.

Hi Russty,
RMB on the History empty space and choose the layout you want.
Cheers- Paul

Hi Russty.


Select “combined mode”.


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Hi Paul

Thanks for that.
It works… sort of.
I have to do this everytime I restart the program, or create a new assembly. I was sure it was a program preference previously. I seem to remember only setting it once.
All good.

Thanks for your assistance.
It works