Constraint(s) containing Invalide input that can't be modified of deleted

Hi There,
Im my assembly there are 3 constraints that are undefined. They can’t be corrected or deleted. They can only be deactivated.
However they cause a major problem extremely slowing down the operation of ZW.
See the image below:


and the output log:

Any idea how to solve tha?
Thanks, Alex

Hi Alex,
Can you delete via redefine option?
Run fix and clean tools and try again.
Cheers - Paul

Hi Paul,
No it is not possible to redifine.
Also fix and clean tools dosn’t help :frowning:
Cheers, Alex

Have you tried Deactivate then Delete?

Yes, this dosn’t help either…

Just a thought - do the objects being constrained exist?
If not, perhaps just create a blob with the exact same name in the assembly file.
Use the Find Lost Parts and it should show up.
Even insert in the assembly then delete the constraint and the blob.
Worth a try.
Cheers - Paul