Concentric Constraint & Lock Rotation

One of the changes to constraints on 2020 is the addition of the Lock Rotation option which is useful if adding fastener’s and other entities that do not matter if they rotated of not.

The benefit is that an assembly contraint status check, will now show those entities as fully defined because even though they only have two constraints.

However there is a catch - there is NO visual indication in the history that the Lock in activated in a concentric constraint.
IMO there needs to be a visual indicator because the last selected lock activation remains valid until changed.
I am not sure this is a good idea in this case.
I would much rather the activation option was better placed and in a more prominent part of the command dialogue and highlighted by color - e.g. Green for unlocked, Red for locked or what ever is most consistent.
At present is is possible to make a concentric constraint and not be aware of the rotation lock which will then prevent further constraints work.
What do you think?
Cheers - Paul