Chain and sprocket mechanism

Hi all, do you know how to make the chain and sprocket mechanism in ZW3D in a simple way? It’s a bit difficult for me.

HI cale99:

At present, there is a similar function on 2022x. Of course, 2023 also exists!

Hi liang fen.

Thank you very much, it was useful to me. Although it would be nice if it simulated the movement of the entire chain, what I did was only limit a few links of the chain with the mechanical constraint of path.


HI cale99:
It’s true that this is not very friendly, and I have the same problem! :grinning:
确实链轮这块不太友好,我也相同的问题! :grinning:

Unless you want to kill a lot of time, what is the need to animate chain?
Cheers - Paul

Hi ZW3D_liangfen

Let’s hope they add a special constraint for this mechanism, that would be nice.
thanks for the video, there is some good ZW3D material on that website.


Hi Cowboy99

Yes, it is wasting a lot of time.
I am a support engineer in a ZW3D channel in Mexico and the clients that come from SolidWorks, mainly the manufacturers of conveyors and automation issues, request this operation a lot.


Hi Cale, my guess is they want sales videos? So for them that makes sense. I’d have thought if it was important enough there would be industry specific software for that.
Cheers - Paul

Hi cale99:
I update videos frequently and I’d love to share the process!

Hi Liangfen,
Your video is very interesting but a little difficult to follow due to the language … Maybe you have the same in english…or maybe the overview of what you’ve done for that animation.

in fact, for my purpose, I only need to have a point attached on a point choose on the belt path gived by ZW3D ( in the belt extension) and to have this point moving with the sprocket rotation and the possibility to connect one part to this point. Do you see a way to do that?
thank’s for your help!
Best regards

Hope this video helped you!