Built-in features in history manager 2024

reading “what’s new” of 2024 there are built-in features in the history manager,
so like in the example, Extrude7 has Sketch16 and so on…

Now I’m trying 2024 (v. 28.00), but it seems that this feature is half implemented.
See the image below, my “Extrude2_Base” is made with “Sketch4”,
But the view in the Manager is the same as 2023.

Do you have the same behavior?

can try this

Hello liangfen,
I don’t mean to hide the used sketch.
From the “What’s new” pdf it is shown that the “Extrude7_Base” feature is created and dependent on “Sketch16”.
Therefore Sketch16 is “below” the Extrude7_Base feature.

but when I make a sketch followed by an extrusion, the sketch is not “visually” associated with the extrusion feature (like in previous versions of zw3d).




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Hi @zw3d_liangfen

If we have a sketch used to more 3D Feature, we can’t use your option (Make Internal) ? Any sugesstion ?

Look at Blocks. You can have as many blocks as you want that are clones.
Cheers - Paul


If he’s tried multiple times, it doesn’t seem to be built in