BOM: Add an isometric Thumbnail to "3D BOM"

Hi everybody,
While creating a BOM under “Assembly” --> “3D BOM” I miss the option to add a column with a Thumbnail of the part or assembly.
Is that somehow possible?
The wish is to then export that list including the Thumbnails to an Excel spreadsheet.
Thanks for your input,

Hi Alexander,
it can be done under an Assembly BOM …

Any one else know?

Cheers - Paul

“it can be done…”
but how? :thinking: :thinking:
Cheers, Alex

Nevermind, I missed the “in 3D assembly” bit.

In a 2D BOM table template, the very last line seems to refer to the various column name, but also contain some xml code.
While a 3D BOM table template only provide column “attrib”.

Also while the column names in 2D templates match with the 3D templates attrib, manually editing an attrib to “Legend” doesn’t do anything (blank column). :frowning:


Hi Alexander,
found the image for BOM.
Obscure since it is called ‘Legend’.
Thor or Loki more likely.
Should be self explanatory ! from there.
You can export that to Excel then your faced with Excel image management - oh joy.
Cheers - Paul

Yeah, thats what I found too, but “Legend” field doesn’t exist in 3D assembly BOM.

You might have to make a blank 2D drawing just for the BOM. Unless some coder can hardcode “legend” from 2D BOM template to 3D BOM template.

Hi Paul,
It works!
Thank you very much!
Best Regards, Alex

Hi Alex,
you can export to Excel too.
Works fine,
Cheers - Paul

I used thi to export. Correct?


Is there a way to provide a personnel LEGEND?

Thanks in advance for you’re reply.

Take care and best regards.


What do you mean by “personnel”?


Hi Nicolas,

ZW3D creates an image (legend) for every member of the assembly for the BOM.

I would like to know if there’s a way to generate this image?

Thanks for your reply. I’m sorry if I wasn’t clear.


Hi Peter,
your explanation is not clear either.
What do you want to do with the the image?
Or are you referring or a single part image?

If so you can do a BOM for one part.
That would be an individual not a personal!
All very confusing because they both mean the same thing almost until is not about people.

Cheers - Paul

Hi Peter,

Since you ask for a way to generate the LEGEND image, BUT recognize ZW3D already generate it in BOM in the same time, my guess would be that you either want :
-to generate that same image outside of BOM
-to generate that image by your own mean (and inserting it) rather than letting ZW3D doing it for you


Hi Nicolas,

Thanks for your reply.

In fact, the image I get in the “Legend” column is shown in BOM_Image1 and what I would like is in BOM_Image2.

By the way I found a way to put the right image witch I generated in the cell in the “Legend” column (image2). You just have to double clic in the cell and you can insert your image.

This is ok for me now, because its parametric railing. The change of the parameters doesn’t affect the “Legend” column, nor does the change of quantity of the existing parts.

I hope that in a next version of ZW3D you can create an image like you can do in Inventor (save as options).

I BOM_Image1 BOM_Image2

Best regards.