Assemblies & selection filters


I have a tiny question about selecting stuff in assembly and convenience of use.
Lets say i have a parent assembly made up of several sub-assemblies.
How, in this parent assembly, do I hover the mouse cursor over a sub-assembly, and highlight it whole rather than the individual part i am directly pointing at? This is to save time trying to over each one from the history to see which one is highlighted in the 3D view.

There are 2 filters box in the “top left” corner:
one with “Part only” “Part and Component” “Full assembly”
one with more specifics choices

I have tried various combinations, with no success.
I think that in the right filter box, is missing “Component only” .
“Part and component” never let you select component anyway…
“Part” in this context seems to only mean meshes directly generated within the assembly (solids).

Another great convenience would be the possibility to toggle that functionality through a key bind. Like left click select single parts, and holding another key while clicking select the whole sub-assembly its composing.

Also, another topic, is there anyway to set ZW3D to automatically switch to the proper manager tab (left history column) depending on when you work on a part or an assembly?