Anyone else tried the ZW3D 2021 Beta yet?

As the title says has anyone else tried the ZW3D 2021 Beta yet?
Impressions, thoughts…

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HI PhilProcario

ZW3D 2021 Beta down URL
I hope you can experience it, it seems that the official version will be released soon!


应该 只有Eng/Chs/Cht


Yeah i tried
And what should I say. Horrible, there are still so many bugs from 2020
I wanted to test the pocket command.
In the 2019 version this works fine, but there will no longer be any reference geometry (RefShape<-) in 2020 and 2021.Now there is only “pocket”. It is a matter of luck to get a good workflow with it. I am a mold maker and I depend on this function. Each component receives a solid and a pocket-solid from me. Then I do everything with the pocket function, unthinkable with ZW3D2021

Also, when I used the command edit parting faces attributes and i assin faces to Parting Face or to Patch and i confirm the selection, then the system crashes.
In 2019 i´ve reported so many errors to my dealer, but nothing happens
I have ordered the 2020/2021 update and I hope I can cancel it.

Greetings from Torsten from Germany

Right-click on the Pocket feature to explode it, then you can see the reference geometry. But to be honest, I don’t know why you want to see the RefShape< things. For engraving texts or editing pockets?

Hi Torsten,

This is Ivy from ZWSOFT, firstly thank you for your feedback. We will consider it seriously, as customer’s feedback is one of the most important guidances of ZW3D improvement.

Actually, since 2021 Beta version released, we have got many positive feedbacks, some customers told us they like the enhancements on sketch, full machine simulation function in CAM, and also some sayed it is quite easier to trim pin in Mold, have you tried that?

Your first issue is that you need to check the ref shape info, and now it is impossible in 2021, right? You can explode the pocket feature to get it. By the way, may I know more details on why you need that information, the more clear usage scenario, the better solution we might provide or improve the function in ZW3D.

Concerning the crash issue, it will be highly appreciated that you could send the crash report, steps description, and the model to our local partner or ZW3D technical support team via For your issue list, would you mind sending me as well. We will figure all the problems out and find the solution for you ASAP.

Once again, thank you for your always support, your feedbacks make us better and better, and we will keep on providing you and our users best features and products.

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I am currently looking at the release notes for the 2021 edition

(couldn’t find the .pdf on ZWSOFT website).

I had an interrogation about point 3.1.5 2)
does that means that we can create new hatch pattern using this cosmetic sketch function? because i am trying to make a concrete ISO pattern since more than a year, on my free time, and i am going to be bald soon ^^


Hi Nicolas,
the text does not mean you can edit the hatch pattern. It is that you can add a hatch to a cosmetic sketch. The assumption is likely that the sketch must be a contained area so the hatch cannot leak out.

The concrete hatch doesn’t look like is it readily made from text file! I wonder how it is done in ZWCAD?

Definitely a ZW coding question…

Cheers - Paul

Thanks for the heads-up, this is not my luck :(.

I cannot tell about ZWcad, as I don’t use it. But I believe I remember that in my google searchs, I did stumbled upon ZWcad hatch patterns, and came to the conclusion that they were not compatible.


Hi Nicolas, would patterning a texture on a face help?

Cheers - Paul

I am not sure to understand what you mean.

I am using autocad to draw my triangle shapes, I duplicate them accordingly to the sub-pattern density i try to achieve, and I measure there the offset values I have to enter in the hatchpattern file.

But then, when I test and put all my subpattern together and I am not satisfied with the results, if I try to simply upscale all the values, all my subshapes edge explode like an exploded view and its a mess.

The issue is more about the time it take to redraw everything as I want in autocad and re-edit all the values. Its not really difficult, its tedious ^^. But thats something you are only supposed to do once so…


Hi Nicholas,
If you are wanting a hatch pattern to apply to any shapes within the 2D drawing environment then texture mapping will not help.
But if you want to show concrete in a3D model and produce an image then a texture map should be fine.
But sounds to me like you want the hatch…
In that I am no help at all.
Cheers - Paul