Angle dimensions numerical display

Hi everyone,
Is there a way, for angle values (in sketch and maybe even in measurements and PMI), to switch between decimals or seconds display (decimal system or “sexagesimal” system) ?

In drawings, you can set that in the “Styles manager” (although there seems to be only 1 option for sexagesimal system, while decimal system have 6 accuracy options).


Hi Nicolas_TR:
deg(x) - convert radian x to degree
rad(x) - convert degree x to radian

Hi liangfen,
I don’t want to change unit, I only work and want to stay in degree.
I just want to switch the “number system”. Like if I wanted to display “casual” degree(base 10) in binary (base 2) or hexadecimal(base 16), except I want them displayed in minutes:seconds(base 60).

By exemple:
1 degree and a half wrote in “base 10” : 1,5°
1 degree and a half wrote in “base 60” : 1°30’


hi Nicolas_TR:


I do not have the same “Dimension Attributes” as you.
Also, there are not way to chose such settings with inqueries/measurements.

But its OK for PMI, their attributes have the option.


HI Nicolas_TR:


image (2.7 MB)

Hi liangfen,

I do not want radian, I want to stay in degree unit ^^. I just wanna switch between numerical display modes, between decimal system and sexagesimal system (hour:minutes’seconds" which is still degree unit).
If I could avoid having to do any extra work over my sketches, just to make sure that everyone speak the same language in a project, that would be fantastic, and anyway its just more practical to have the display you want at the same place where you can manipulate values.

Said differently, I wish to be able to set the ANGLES display mode according to the situation, for the work environment.


Just an update,
I didn’t noticed untill yet, but
since v2023 (I guess?), I can now pick the angle value display mode, within drawings.

It can even be set by default inside the “Styles” management (in “accuracy” setting).