3D Objects in layers in 2D Sheet?

Hi All, (V2022)
I have an assembly with components in layers - each part has a layer.

I want to be able to create a suite of drawings where only some layers are active so that parts not in active layers are not shown.

I also want ot export the drawing in DWG/DXF and retain the layer info so a full assembly dwg can be sent and the operator choose which layers they see on the drawing.

Anyone know how this is done or if it can be done at all? I am sure it worked OK some version back or am I imagining too much?

Cheers - Paul

HI Cowboy99:


HI Cowboy99:
Hope to help you!


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Hi Liangfen,
If I could give you a few more hearts I would. :heart_eyes:
Thankyou, problem solved.
Now I am curious why this would not be the default condition anyway?
And why the HELP in ZW is so far behind the game.
In my copy, searching Help for Layers, hangs ZW!
I am sure this info will be helpfull to others too.
Cheer - Paul

HI Cowboy99:
They are too lazy… A lot of help content is still in the VX era!

Years ago I suggested HELP be made into a publicly editable ‘wikipedia’ with examples of solutions and applications etc.
Kind of a live forum with a permanent structure to grow the knowledge and make is readily accessible to anyone. So rather than directly answer a question you would add the answer to the ‘wikihelp’ in the correct location and others could edit it to improve it or add their contribution.
For what ever reason, there is no interest in doing anything creative in this way. Now the corporate world steals agility too. If anyone knows how this could be done I’d be curious to know.
Cheers - Paul

HI Cowboy99:

They have similar things inside the official. We have too few user groups and don’t have so much energy!

I used to use CONFIG for everything…
I am definitely giving it a try… someday… Still, I fear the transition will be rough.

Thats funny you talk about VX. On the previous topic about it, I googled it out of curiosity, and stumbled upon a 2004 article with mesh transformation pictures that I felt I already had seen somewhere.
It was in ZW3D help ^^ .


Hi Liangfen,
I am awaiting a fresh license in 2022 so on Trial mode which I hope does not make any difference.
No matter what I do, there is no Layer to drawing effect. I only get the view in Layer000.
So even though I have seen the demo video! it does not work here. Back to 0
All I can think of I need the newer version. This what is here.
Cheers - Paul

HI Cowboy99:

He recorded two assembly layers, I won’t inherit the two assembly layers!

Version : ZW3D 2022 SP x64 trial(26.00)



The exported DWG layer is normal!


Hi Liangfen,
I would not expect to inherit layers within sub assembly. No point ot that.
But why it does not work in my version is a mystery.
So the layers are not being pulled in DWG

as here.


I might try dumping my user folder.

The layers 2D is exactly what i want to achieve.

Cheers - Paul

Click this operation to set the layer of the view?

For the cross generation version, I suggest not to import with the old configuration file, especially 2022x, which is prepared for upgrading to 2023

Hi All,
here is what I missed.

Layer must be set as FROM PART

Cheers - Paul

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:grinning::grinning::grinning:That’s good news!