3D BOM in Excel

I have question above 3D BOM list, I can edit BOM list in excel. Is it possible prepare template for excel file with pre-defined conditional formatting and include macros?

I thing there is big space to do automation checking function and auto filling parameters. For example extract pozition number from name ect, find doplicid pozition numbers and so on…

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Macromanipulation tables are laborious,It involves algorithms.

I have try it but this template is for export not for editing….

Maybe you need to check it out, update the log file.

WhatsNew.pdf <<<<<<

Hi Petr,

You can not use your own Excel template.
What you can do is write macros in an Excel Workbook and the export it to an “.bas” file which you can import whenever you need it to format your BOM.
However you can not save it in the 3DBom.xlsx because it’s regenerated whenever you edit it in ZW3D.
Hope this answers your question.
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OK, thank you.

I will try it.

Yes you can.
See the file “Default.Z3DBOMTT”, “ExportConfiguration.txt” and “zw3d.xlsx”.

This provides template settings for BOM, attribute preset values, Excel export format, etc. After setting, the related content will be generated by default using the defined template.

Or click on “Help” (see image) to learn more:


It is possible to use file with xlsm, excel with support of macros?

Hello, I have other question. I have one sub assembly witch I don’t want to include into 3D BOM list. How can I do it?

Thank you


Hello, I have try it but from my point of view doesn’t work…

In the 3d BOM it shows me the wrong number of pieces, how to fix it?



Hello, there is the problem because pneumatic cylinder is assembly and flexible joint is part insert in to assembly of cylinder…

In BOM list I see only

2x pneumatic cylinder
1x flexible joint

But it should be, I need it for correct order these items

2x pneumatic cylinder
2x flexie joint

Question is how can I do it?

how can I add into parametrs chart of diameter? I would like to have Ø26x33…

Thank you


Prova a premere ALT + 157