2024SP modules missing

Recently upgraded from 2024 to 2024SP on the Advanced license. Now many of my modules are missing such as wire harness, structure, etc.

Anyone else notice this? My reseller has lodged a ticket with ZW3D.

Hello darkstar,
you have to switch this on via the user menu.

All available modules are selected from the ribbon display. Is that what you’re referring to?


You have to click on customize => then transfer => then Ribbon and activate the respective functions.

Hello all,

We have seen this before, just after the release.
Honestly, I did not know about this solution.
I advise people to completely remove the user folder of 2024 and restart ZW3D.

That also does the trick


Hello Luurt,
what does it mean “remove the user folder of 2024”
Best regards,


Hello Torsten,

The user folder is located in C;\users<login name>\Appdata\roaming\zwsoft\zw3d
In that folder you will find the user folders from all installed, or previously installed, ZW3D versions.
Make sure that ZW3D is not running and move the folder to desktop or some easy to find location, just in case you need to copy back the license files an configuration files.

Then you start ZW3D once, check the ribbons and close it again.

Then you can copy the the two config files in the folder “custom” back in place.
That makes sue that all your settings and search paths are restored.

Good luck,


Thanks, confirmed this works.