2023 CAM - Are there any significant issues?

A bit of a feedback request.
If you are using 2023 CAM 3X etc. how is it working for you?
Are there any major issues that need to be be resolved in the SP?
If so, what are they?
Cheers - Paul

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I guess zw3d2023x should be released on the way. Let’s look forward to it!

I tested it for about 2-3 week and got frustrated and went back to current 2021 version.

Some problems with speeds and feeds in 2023, think there has been another topic about the this already. I had big problems with tapping.

Don’t know if anyone noticed but 3D Tactic has gone!

Tool library and templates all have to be started from scratch.

A lot of the machining strategies have changed think it was to do with boundary options if I can remember, was difficult to get the desired result.

I had so many problem that feel like it was released undeveloped and not ready to be used.

But do think it is going in a better direction with the tool library, would like to see a simpler easier to use spread sheet layout.

One ongoing problem have had with zw3d cam is the hole wizard, I normally always have to select cylinders and place points to get the drill start positions and tapping cycle working properly, it quite often cannot even notice its own hole detail or continuously loses the information.

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I also went back to the 2021 version because the new 2023 version causes far too many problems.

Here are a few facts that caught my eye.

CAD and general issues:

  • Delete with Delete key on the keyboard
    Confirm Delete Menu (If you delete the item, it will affect other functions in the history) Can this be disabled??? Or. Change key command?

  • Resize window is not saved after ZW3D restart

  • Window content after e.g. Sort name always the same in each folder (not like in the 2022 version)

  • stp interface faulty!!!
    An exported ZW3D 2023 .stp file is imported incorrectly into the ZW3D 2021

CAM problems:

  • Output NC number changes after calculating the output PGM (not always, cannot be repeated consciously)

  • Duplication of milling operations, speed and feed are not accepted

  • Milling operation “Multi HSM” partly faulty (milling paths not clean)

  • Milling operation with rest material Reference Wz Torus milling cutter, faulty recognition of the rest paths (creates unclean milling paths)

  • Speed ​​and feed are not saved

  • Feed is not accepted in the setup sheet

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Tried 2022 and got frustrated and went back to 2020. That is a solid program as I have to get my work done. ZW3D is just a tool.