Working remotely from Home

Hi Paul…wanting to work from home. So tried what you…return license.

Thereafter, I get a message to restart ZW3D…which I’ve done…thinking that it will solve the issue.

Once I’m at the home PC ,and try to install the soft license…ZW tells me the license is being used by another PC/system.

How do I overcome this issue or am I doing something wrong.

I’ve got heeps of work which I can prepare at home , thinking it would spare me some extra time at work…so very keen on sorting this issue out. CAN YOU HELP,PLEASE !!

Thanks Paul…feel like such a dumb ass…gave it a go and it’s all good. Managed to return licenses successfully. ""RETURN’’ IN LICENSE MANAGER is the way to go…not untick boxes…to work from home.

Just so you know, Mark is anything but a dumb ass. He is a very talented Toolmaker running 4/5 axis and Volumill equiped toolshop that does high volume high accuracy production tools.
He actually self solved the problem after a phone call prompted a slower look at the screen. We all need to do that sometimes.